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Three course Christmas menu
We are pleased to inform you that we are open on 24th, 25th and on 31st of December.
For those days we have a set menu of 3 courses. We can only seat 80 people at a time, which means guests have the option to arrive at either 17:00 or 20:00 with the starters coming out of the kitchen around 17:15 or 20:15.

For those who arrive at 17:00 their service will end at 19:15 to make way for the second group but that should give you plenty of time to enjoy your meal.
Price for the menu is 14.900 ISK per person which is paid in advance (excluding drinks).

Amuse bouche 

Artic char ceviche 

  Wasabi mayo and wasabi crumble




Crued salmon 

Rye bread, dill emulsion, pickled beetroot and

popping barley



Main course 

Lamb ribeye 

Parsnip puree, root vegetables, hasselback potato,

pickled cucumber - hazelnut - mustardseeds salsa

and cranberries sauce 



Pan fried ling

Mashed potatoes, fried pak choi, romanesco broccoli,

spring onion, pickled shallot and wild mushroom - port wine sauce 



Rice pudding

 Cherry sauce almonds/malt ice cream/ orange sorbet. 



Price per person 14.900.- kr per person

(excluding drinks)

Vegan menu


Amuse bouche 

Smoked Watermelon

 Vegan watercress mayo and chili salt


Beetroot carpaccio

 Vegan truffle mayo, mushroom duxelles, rucola,

fried onion and pickled shallot

Main course 

Smoked Parsnip

Quinoa and pomegranate salsa pickled paprika, 

confit cherry tomatoes, baba ganoush and 

cranberry sauce 


Vegan chocolate cake

Mint crumble, coconut and passionfruit ice cream

and berries


Price per person 14.900.- kr.- per person

(excluding drinks)


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